Dr. Shahabeddin Adel

Dr. Shahabeddin Adel

is a member of Iranian Photographers Society and Iranian Documentary Filmmakers Society.

He was still photographer for Iranian movies: Bashu the Little Stranger , The Girl in the Sneakers, Shokaran, The River’s End, Daughters of the Sun, The Comet, Marriage Iranian Style, The Survivor .

He also was a jury member for film festivals, and teaches professional classes of film history, documentary, editing and photography for undergraduate and graduate students.

Dr. Adel had more than eleven exhibitions for his works. Jondishapoor, a documentary in 6 episodes is one of his remarkable documentaries.

The Hemlock (Shokaran) 2000

Plot summary:
A middle-class family man starts a relationship with a female nurse . When she gets pregnant, things go complicated.

Directed by: Behruz Afkhami
Writers: Behruz Afkhami, Minoo Farshchi
Produced by: Seyed Zia Hashemi

The River’s End (GavKhuni) 2004

Plot summary:
A young man leaves Isfahan his birthplace to capital city ,Tehran, to forget his childhood memories. As the storyteller he starts revealing his dreams which have been started a few months after the death of his father. In these dreams father persuades him to go to the Gav Khuni Swamp.

Directed by: Behruz Afkhami
Writer: Behruz Afkhami , Jafar Modaress Sadeghi
Produced by: Ali Moallem

Marriage, Iranian Style (2006)

Plot summary:
Shirin, young Iranian girl, leads a peaceful life in an Iranian middle-class family, until the day her uncle Saeed gets her father permission to hire her in his travel agency. When she finally decides to work, her destiny changes; as she meets a young and attractive American man who comes to buy a plane ticket for Shiraz, the city of roses and poets.

Directed by: Hassan Fathi
Writer: Minoo Farshchi
Produced by: Ali Moallem

The Survivor (1995)

Plot summary:
Based on Returning to Haifa, a novel by Ghassan Kanafani in 1969,the film is about Israeli Declaration of Independence and its government in Haifa in 1948.

Directed by: Seifollah Dad
Writers: Seifollah Dad

Bashu, the Little Stranger (1989)

Plot summary :
Lost and left behind in a foreign country after running away, a little boy whose family have been killed during the war is saved and trained by a middle-aged woman.

Directed by : Bahram Beizai
Writer : Bahram Beizai
Produced by : Ali Reza Zarrin

The Girl in the Sneakers (1999)

Plot summary:
In love with a teenage boy, Tadaei leaves home in the morning heading for school but decides not to go to school and instead starts wandering in the streets of Tehran. She makes up her mind not to return to home and run away with her lover, because of her parents’ reaction to her having a boyfriend but meandering in the city, she gets into some troubles that make her change her mentality of love and inevitably her pathway.

Directed by: Rasoul Sadrameli
Writers: Fereydoun Farhudi, Peyman Ghassemkhani

Koroush Theater (Koroush) 2017

Plot summary:

Directed & Writers: Pari Saberi
Produced by: Jahangir Kousari